Eurovision 2017: Ruslana to perform new single in semi final 2

Ruslana is the interval act of the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on the 11th May. The winner of 2004 has just announced this on her Facebook page. She will release her new single during the show.

After four years of waiting, Ruslana is back with a brand new single, of which the song title still remains a secret. She performs the song live for the first time during the second semi final next month.

Ruslana at the Eurovision Song Contest

‘Wild Dances‘ is the song that launched Ruslana to international stardom. She will perform the song that won Eurovision 2004, along with the follow up single, ‘Dance with the Wolves’ (English language version). Eurovision fans may know that song as well, as it was used at the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 as well.

Like ‘Wild Dances’, Ruslana is going back to her ethnic roots for hew new track, and she has been recording live in the Carpathian mountains for this latest project. You can see pictures of her recording in the Carpathians on her Facebook page.

The Opening Ceremony and Red Carpet Events

The Opening Ceremony will take place at The Parkovy Exhibition and Congress Centre. This is the same location as the Euro Club and Euro Fan Cafe.

The red carpet event will feature the longest red carpet in Eurovision history, measuring a huge 265 meters. As well as this record breaking red carpet, The national folk instrument orchestra will play Eurovision hits from past contests. The orchestra will feature some native Ukrainian instruments, such as a Ukrainian Bandura, which Ruslana has played before during a recent visit to Canada.

Other fan events will take place at the same time as the opening ceremony, these will be in and around St Sophia’s cathedral, Kontrakova and and Poshtova squares. More information can be found on Ruslana’s facebook page.