Sacha Jean-Baptiste talks about her four (!) acts in Eurovision 2017

It is a busy week for artistic director Sacha Jean-Baptiste. This year she has done the staging for four countries at the Eurovision Song Contest: Australia, Armenia, Bulgaria and Georgia. We talked to her about the plans for these nations.

Last year, Sacha Jean-Baptiste also had four countries under her wings. All of these nations made it to the final, as did Georgia in the 2015 contest. She hopes to reach that same success again this year. “But I am not looking at the result too much. When I have done all that I can, and everything is as it should be, I can be happy for ten years.”

Australia: Downsizing the act for Isaiah

During the rehearsals, Isaiah Firebrace from Australia had some issues with the choreography for ‘Don’t come easy’, where he is walking on a spinning turntable. “We build something cinematic, to get the poetic message through. The main issue was to make sure the camera angles are working out fine, while he is spinning around.”

Armenia: Artstvik does understand English perfectly

Last year Sacha Jean-Baptiste worked with Iveta, who is now the coach of Artsvik. “I still hear back that people loved Armenia last year. The song for this year has a different energy, even though they have the same composer. I felt like I needed to do something super strong, colourwise, because the song is so different. Give the audience something to remember this magical world on stage for Armenia.”

Bulgaria: Wanted to work with Kristian the moment I Heard the song

Kristian Kostov won The Voice Kids in Russia and Sacha immediately wanted to work with him when she heard ‘Beautiful Mess’. “I like to work with contemporary song. And this one has the edge, so new, so tomorrow. My mind went shooting off straight away.”

Georgia: Something totally different than the last two years

“It is amazing to work with Georgia again, they always come up with something different. This time it is much more traditional. It was challening to find the hook, so we had to go with the message and vocal power. I am happy working with Georgia again.”