Australia has plans for national final

Australia in Eurovision

Australia has big plans, regarding their future in the Eurovision Song Contest. Head of Delegation (HoD) Paul Clarke exclusively informed ESC Daily that Australia is planning a national final, should Australia stay in Eurovision.

“We really admire the way the Swedes do Eurovision,” Clarke explains to us. “I love Melodifestivalen. We were judges there, it is so exciting and passionate. We want our own national final, our own competition that can lead up to a winner for Eurovision. That is, if we are allowed to take part.”

If Australia indeed gets to take part in Eurovision in the upcoming years again is still unsure. Earlier, the Australian delegation already issued out their wish to get a permanent status as a participating nation in the contest.

Australia seeks help from Christer Bjorkman

Should Australia indeed stay in Eurovision, they are hoping to fly in the man that lifted Melodifestivalen to a high level. “We talked to Christer Bjorkman about coming to Australia. He is kind of our mentor. We want him to help us set up such a national final. I think he is one of the best producers in the world.”


  1. I really hope that Australia will organise their own national final and welcome to ESC to stay… and thanks for the brilliant songs – especially Dami Im – last year.

  2. Belgian greetings. Personally, i am all in favor of Australia being allowed to compete permanently at Eurovision. They seems to enjoy it so much. Even better, their average ratings gives them 5th place. Well done, and welcome Australia.

  3. As an Australian, I actually wish we weren’t in the ESC. I have been a fan since 2003, and just love the absence of Anglo influence (except for the United Kingdom, of course).

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