Eurovision 2022 Stage Design Revealed

eurovision stage

Host broadcaster RAI has now revealed the stage design for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

This year’s stage design has the theme ‘The Sun Within’. It is based on the movements and light of a kinetic sun. There will be theatrical movement and a lot of water.

Behind the stage design is Francesca Montinaro. She previously worked on the Sanremo Song Festival stages of 2013 and in 2019. She discussed her inspirations for the Eurovision 2022 stage, saying:

“The kinetic sun, source of spectacular movements and tricks of light, rules the stage and represents our Italian attitude. Always on the move, rebellious, creative, welcoming, passionate, intuitive. We are the ones with the sun within, and this is our way to be in this world.”

The talented designed took into account the inclusive nature of Eurovision, as well as the welcoming hospitality of the Italian people.

“The cascade of water that frames the stage, allegorically represents the sea that surrounds us, a symbol of our complex culture. The stage is our peninsula. It’s a country where each contestant is welcome, no matter where they are coming from. Once the artists have performed, they will be hosted in a ‘lush Italian garden, where vegetation mingles with rays of light, suspended between reality and illusion, transporting them to a playful and architectural dimension.”