Eurovision delegations have very elaborate plans, “but sometimes we have to say no”

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen at work

Every delegation has elaborate plans for their Eurovision performance. However, not everything is possible. Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, this year’s Head of Contest, “has been trained saying no.”

“They have to provide us a so-called look-and-feel-briefing, where they tell us a little bit more about their staging plans. What I’ve noticed is that for most countries, a little bit more means a lot more. They have very elaborate plans, they made visuals, pictures, videos, everything.”

Van de Nieuwenhuijzen’s job is to help the delegations and make the most out of every performance. Still, he also has to enforce the rules of the contest. “For example, if you create the idea of having your singer flying across Ahoy to the stage, we do not allow it. The roof is already packed with technical stuff. Therefore there is no room for extra cables.”

Take a look behind the scenes of the Danish rehearsal:

ESCDaily went with Van de Nieuwenhuijzen to the Danish rehearsal. They noticed a stop in the rehearsal process when the lead singer got distracted. “We don’t stop often, because every country has 30 minutes and that is it. However, the Danish singer panicked because the catwalk was loose from the stage. We explained to him that this was on purpose, because there is a camera that needs to be in that position.”

This item has been made for the online press centre updates at Eurovision 2021, with which Team ESCDaily collaborates during these two Eurovision weeks.