Eurovision Experience: Packing your suitcase for JESC

In the first episode of ESCDaily’s Eurovision Experience, Steef is packing his suitcase for Tbilisi. He will work there at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. As a Eurovision journalist, you need to pack a lot of things…

Clothes, cameras, an Australian flag… Find out all the other things that you need to take with you & check which CD Steef is going to listen to on the airplane to Georgia!

Check out the video:

In The Eurovision Experience, members of Team ESCDaily give you a view from behind the scenes. We show you what it is like to travel to & work at all the Eurovision events!


    • Of course, Robbert! Liveblogs coming up from Tuesday till Saturday. Tomorrow we will be at the Opening Ceremony and on Saturday we have our special jury blog!

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