“Eurovision is live tv, that’s what makes it exciting”

“Eurovision is a live tv show. This means thing can go wrong, which also makes the show exciting.” In our Eurovision talkshow we look back at the first semi final and the technical issues during that show, and ahead to the next show of Thursday night.

In this fourth episode of our Eurovision talkshow in Rotterdam we talk with Erik Bolks from OGAE International. He also has a lot to say about the fan experience in Rotterdam, which of course is very different this year. No Euroclub, Euro Fan Cafe or Eurovillage. Even though that last special element is now being held online.

In the show we also speak with Icelandic journalist Laufey Gudmundsdóttir about the troubles within the Icelandic delegation. Due to a positive corona test of one of the members of Gagnamagnid, the band has to use a prerecorded rehearsal tape of las tweek during the actual live shows.

Check out episode four of our Eurovision talkshow in Rotterdam below