Eurovision 2017: Process of ticket sales to start in January

The European Broadcasting Union has stated that the process of Eurovision tickets sales is most likely to begin in January. With the core team at NTU now in place, work has started on the production of the show.

Current production tasks include the stage design as well as the postcards and theme artwork.

This is the outcome of another scheduled meeting between the EBU and the host broadcaster NTU. The EBU is closely monitoring the progress that the people in Kiev are making, when it comes to hosting the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you want to buy Eurovision tickets, it can be useful to keep track of as well as the official website.

Jon Ola Sand

Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand previously spoke about his concerns about whether or not Kiev will be ready in time. However he still remained confident that everything will take place on the scheduled dates in Ukraine, he told ESC Daily. Now, he is even more confident:

“We are fully satisfied with what we have seen and what they presented to us in the meeting yesterday. I know there has been a lot of debate about this and a lot of speculations around this. We have had a firm and good dialog, an open dialog with NTU all the way. What they presented now was expected. We’re very happy to tick that off and make sure we have the progression we need.”