Everything you need to know about Lithuania’s Eurovision selection so far

It’s the longest and most dreaded Eurovision preselection: Eurovizijos in Lithuania. After four weeks, we have now seen all the participants perform once. Therefore, it’s time to recapitulate: which songs could go all the way to Lisbon?

Every week, 6 acts qualified for the next round, which means we still have 24 entries left in the race. They will now perform their song over and over again, however, generally few things change. Judging from their first performance, who would be a good choice for Eurovision 2018? Dennis van Eersel gives you his top tips:

Ieva Zasimauskaitė – When We’re Old (24 points)

After the first four heats in Lithuania, for me, there is one top favourite to win it and become the successor of Fusedmarc (pictured above). And that is Ieva Zasimauskaitė, who reached the semi final stage in Lithuania in 2017. Her intimate song for this year is the only one that got twelve points from both the jury and the televote. One of the jury members even compared her performance to the likes of Sinéad O’Connor.

Monika Marija – The Truth (22 points)

When we look at the scores in ‘the first round’ in Lithuania, you can’t surpass Monika Marija. Winning the televote in heat 4 with the highest amount in the competition, and coming in second place with the jury in her heat. The song ‘The Truth’, originally meant for Erica Jennings (ESC 2001), is not even thát special, but Monika performs it well. And given the fact that Monika won The Voice in Lithuania, her popularity might do the trick in the next phase of this long competition.

Greta Zazza – Broken Shadows (20 points)

A class performance in the third heat of Eurovizijos made Greta Zazza an easy qualifier. Last year she finished in fifth place in the grand final, but this powerballad that suits her vocal powers might give her an even higher placing.

Paula Valentaitė – 1 2 3 (18 points)

Paula rose to fame in Eurovizijos 2017 and even though she only finished in sixth place in the final, she did manage to do well in the televote and become a fan favourite with her song ‘Let U Go’. Her beauty and popularity is still a factor in this year’s competition, winning the televote with in the second heat. Fun fact: Her song 1 2 3 has been co-composed by Eurovision-star Donny Montell and could be her rematch for Lisbon.

Saulės kliošas – Man gaila (18 points)

The second heat of Paula was won by newcomer Saulės kliošas and that makes sense. It is a beautiful mystique compostion, in Lithuanian language, with a refrain that is instrumental and slightly out of style with the rest of the song. The jury loved this entry, giving it the maximum amount of points, but the public at home was not as enthusiastic at first.

Godo – Fire Mountain (20 points)

Godo was the runner-up of the first show, gaining 12 points from the jury for her artistic performance of ‘Fire Mountain’. If she maintains scoring well with the jury, because of perfect vocals, she might go all the way to the final stage in Lithuania. Despite the high amount of points in her heat, Eurovision might be a bridge too far.

Jurgis Brūzga – 4love (16 points)

The jury winner of heat 4 was Jurgis Brūzga, who gave a slick dancing performance in suit for the song 4love. Despite all the dance moves, his vocals were not affected by it, getting the maximum amount of points from the jury. It is also an act that has the potential to grow on the audience and score better in the televote as the weeks go by. Not the big favourite yet, but it is still to early to entirely rule Jurgis out for the victory.