Favourite Diogo Piçarra withdraws from Festival da Canção

The winner of the second semi final of Festival da Canção has decided to withdraw from the competition in Portugal. Diogo Piçarra announces that decision on Instagram after a plagiarism discussion rose in the host nation for Eurovision 2018.

Diogo Piçarra was the only candidate in Portugal who received a 100% score in the semi final stage of Festival da Canção 2018. Getting both 12 points from jury and televote.

Plagiarism claims for Diogo

After the semi final, Diogo’s song “Canção do Fim” was accused of plagiarising the evangelical song “Abre os Meus Olhos” by Universal do Reino de Deus from 1979. Despite denying the claims, Diogo decided to withdraw from the competition.

“All that has been created around my participation, is no longer music…I do not want to fail to say how proud it would be to represent my country in a competition like Eurovision. But it does not make sense anymore…” are the sad last words of Diogo Piçarra.

In the final in Portugal this Sunday, Diogo’s place will go to Susana Travassos. She got eliminated from the second semi final last weekend.