Austria: More participants for final decided

After almost four weeks of voting, this morning ORF revealed the 10 songs which will participate in its televised national final on the 25th February. The finalists were decided by a combination of public votes (via SMS and Internet voting) and a jury vote.

The chosen songs, in order of highest total ranking are:

Total Ranking Artist Title Public Rank Jury Rank
1 Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner Paris, Paris 7 1
2 Nadine Beiler The Secret Is Love 9 3
3 Richard Klein Bigger, Better, Best 10 2
4 Trackshittaz/Lucas Plöchl Oida Taunz 2 12
5 Leo Aberer/Patricia Kaiser There Will Never Be Another You 1 14
6 Alkbottle Wir san do net zum Spaß 4 13
7 Eva K. Anderson I Will Be Here 13 5
8 Band WG 10 Sekunden Glück 5 15
9 Oliver Wimmer Let Love Kick In 14 7
10 Charlee Good To Be Bad 12 10

The final results held a number of upsets, with Katie Lunette, Julian Heidrich and Mary Broadcast Band missing out on a spot in the final, despite being voted into the top 10 by the public. Additionally, Alkbottle, which led the voting for a number of weeks, slipped considerably in the final ranking.