Oslo 2010: Final dress rehearsal three

Good afternoon Europe, welcome to the third and last rehearsal for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest final. This is the last chance for all contestants to polish their performances and impress the audience tonight in hopes of taking the crown back home.

1. Safura – Drip Drop

In general terms, the vocals are consistent and she seems to have no problem performing, except that the high note in the end, as it’s been happening, keeps being sung by the back singer. Can’t rule her out, but it’ll be tough.

2. Daniel Diges – Algo Pequeñito

Another solid performance by Daniel who seems to be more and more comfortable on stage. Very warmly welcomed in the press centre, where a big applause was given after the performance.

3. Didrik Solli-Tangen – My Heart is Yours

A strong vocal performance by Didrik who nailed it from beginning to end. He finally managed to hit all the notes, and seems to be more than ready for tonight.

4. Sunstroke Project and Olia Tira: Run Away

Olia had some problems vocally, but it’s compensated by the incredibly energetic performance and tons of fun we see on stage. This is probably one of the most fun group from 2010, and they surely know how to show it on stage.

5. Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders – Life Looks Better In Spring

The performance is as incredible as this bunch are in person. Simple, straightforward and not ridiculously overstaged. The charm that launched them to the final continues and we’ll be more than happy to see Cyprus in the big night after such a long time.

6. Vukašin Brajić – Thunder And Lightning

Vukašin is as comfortable on stage as he can get. The performance is rather good, and it seems ready to go tonight. The level of the competition keeps building up.

7. Tom Dice – Me and My Guitar

A remarkable song equally remarkably performed by Tom. The whole concept is really simple, which suits the entry perfectly. A big applause at the press centre as well.

8. Milan Stanković – Ovo Je Balkan

Fun, fun, fun!! Milan is evidently having a blast on stage with this uptempo entry which immediatly invites to dance and enjoying; it’s so lively on stage. One not to be dismissed, particularly with a lot of Balkan vote to rely on.

9. 3 + 2 – Butterflies

Some small problems vocally, but the overall impression is rather good. Best of lucks, although I don’t really see this one winning.

10. Niamh Kavanagh – It’s For You

Some serious problems for Niahm vocally. Overall, the voice was shaky and by the end she found it hard to hit the high note, and ended up going off key. Let’s hope it’s out of her and she’s back as wonderful as ever tonight.

11. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends – OPA

OPA! As usual, the Greeks put together an amazing show together, full of energy, lights and pyrotechics. It’s impossible to rule them out as serious contenders for the crown.

12. Josh Dubovie – That Sounds Good To Me

A good singer and an even better person, who is giving everything he can on and off stage, with a rather average song, which is mostly dated and that probably won’t appeal to the larger European audience. If it came to the singer, you should consider them, otherwise, it’s hard to see it going anywhere up in the scoreboard.

13. Sofia Nizharadze – Shine

Some problems at first, then she recovered and gave yet again a solid performance, which is amazing, considering she’s thrown on stage and yet doesn’t lose the key. Without a doubt we’re looking at Georgia’s strongest entry and probably their highest placing up until now.

14. maNga – We Could Be The Same

A strong peformance of this amazing entry from the Turks. It’s going to pick up a great amount of votes from the fans, so if they manage to impress the jury, considering how consistent their performances have been, this is one not to be ruled out at all.

15. Juliana Pasha – It’s All About You

This one has improved greatly since it was first chosen, Juliana is strong and confident on stage, and the overall act works pretty well. Her main problem if you ask me comes from being drawn right before Iceland, which is also a very energetic uptempo song, and which has been better received. Good effort, no matter what.

16. Hera Björk – Je Ne Sais Quoi

Applause even before it started in the press centre. Hera owns the stage, her performance is flawless, and there is no doubt that it’ll pick up an incredible amount of points from fans… it surely deserves it. Applause in the press centre (and some Icelandic press giving high fives).

17. Alyosha – Sweet People

It can’t be denied to her that she’s leaving it all on stage. Her performance is rather good, and it’s surely very different from all the songs which are drawn arount it, so it’ll work for them to make it stand out,  although it could be shadowed by all the controversy there’s been this year around Ukraine.

18. Jessy Matador – Alllez, ola, olé

Stand up and start dancing, it’s France’s turn! This is an amazing club song, which is very likely to be danced to all summer. The problem is the staging is still looking a bit messy. Still, Jessy is giving it all on stage, and it shows he’s enjoying himself which is, after all, what this song is all about.

19. Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire

Paula and Ovi have been singing for quite a long time now, and it really shows. Vocally, they have absolutely no problem. Visually, this one is really attractive. It’s been very well received among the fans, so don’t rule it out at all, it might just give the surprise of the night. Hats off to Paula on that little solo she does right before they stand up from the pianos… it’s truly amazing.

20. Peter Nalitch & Friends: Lost And Forgotten

A performance as good as it can be for this kind of song, which is very, and I mean, very different from all the rest of the songs in the final. The nostalgic tone it has might be appealing to some, but I doubt a larger part of the European audience will actually pick up their phones to support this one.

21. Eva Rivas – Apricot Stone

Not her best performance, vocally speaking. The song, however, has been considered among the favourites from the very beginning, and with the great diaspora vote she has to rely on, Eva is a strong contender to win the whole thing.

22. Lena – Satellite

With a fresh and modern voice, Lena delivers quite a strong performance of another of the hot favourites to take the contest to their turf next year. She looks confident and enjoying herself so much on stage. Overall, it works rather well for Germany, that has the best chance in quite a long time. Applause in the press centre.

23. Filipa Azevedo – Há Dias Assim

Filipa delivers a very sentimental performance of a very dramatic song. She had some problems with the vocals at some points, but the overall impression is good. Applause in the press centre.

24. Harel Skaat – Milim

Applause even before the performance begins. Yet another flawless performance by Harel, who now seems to me like a very tough act to beat tonight. He’s simply perfect on stage. The ovation in the press centre spoke for itself.

25. Chanée & N’evergreen – In A Moment Like This

It’s a faily good performance of a song which has been placed all along among the favourites for this edition, and that yet it seems to me that has lost some of its initial spark. If they manage to deliver a performance nearly as good as they did in the national final, then they should be good. It looks tough as it is, since vocals have been less than consistent in Oslo.

The rest of the show is being rehearsed now. We’ll end our coverage here. It’s only some six hours before Eurovision 2010. Get ready to enjoy a night of great musical talent and fierce competition… get ready to share the moment!