Finalists for Israel national final confirmed

The finalists in Israel’s talent show national final, HaKokhav Haba l’Eurovision have been confirmed. The field of acts have been whittled down to the final 12, and it will be one of these 12 that represent Israel the home nation in 2019. IPBC have taken on the national final and have been getting record breaking viewing figures since the season premier. 

There are only 12 singers left in contention to sing for the home nation at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. The episode broadcast on the 16th of January saw 4 acts make it through after the extremely competitive duels round. The results of this round were as follows:

  • Shalva band (95% QUALIFIED) vs Naor Cohen (66%)
  • Nitai Twito (68%) va Ofri Halfon (90%)
  • Avraham de Carvalho (67%) vs Ketreyah (83%)
  • Neve Madmon (53%) vs Daniel Mazuz (54%)

So far, no one has managed to reach the almost perfect score that Shalva band managed to achieve in the duels round. This will now, almost certainly make them the favourites to represent the home nation with the viewing public.

The list of the final 12 acts, in full, are as follows:

  • Shalva Band (95%)
  • Ofri Halfon (90%)
  • Tai (89%)
  • Osher Biton (87%)
  • Ketreyah (83%)
  • Maya Buskila (81%)
  • Daniel Barzilai (80%)
  • Clara Sabag (76%)
  • Avraham de Carvalho (67%) — wildcard
  • Kobi Merimi (57%)
  • Daniel Mazuz (54%)
  • Shefita (41%) — wildcard

Two were saved from elimination, which is why Avraham de Carvalho and Shefita are the wildcard acts going into the Israeli national final. The Wildcards were selected by the judges as these two acts were saved from elimination.

Israel at Eurovision

Netta won Eurovision in 2018 when she performed her song, Toy, about the #metoo movement in Lisbon. Israel are searching hard to see if they can achieve back to back wins, as they last had two consecutive wins in 1978 and 1979. Can they do it again?