Finland: Participant names prematurely released

Just under one week away from a press conference with Finnish broadcaster YLE, the names of participants in this year’s edition of selection show UMK seem to have been prematurely released online.

The official press conference will be held on Tuesday 13 January at noon, whereupon the songs will be officially released and the contestants revealed. It is also expected that the schedule for UMK will finally be known.

If you want to take a sneak peak, you may find the participant list below:

  1. “All For Victory” – Angelo De Nile
  2. “Loveshine” – Hans On The Bass
  3. “Crossroads” – Satin Circus
  4. “Mustelmat” – Siru
  5. “Aina mun pitää” – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät
  6. “Love It All Way” – Eeverest
  7. “Ostarilla” – Shava
  8. “Sydän ei nuku” – Pihka & Myrsky
  9. “Kyynelten lahti” – Aikuinen
  10. “Heart of Light” – Opera Skaala
  11. “Hold Your Colours” – Solju
  12. “Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla” – Järjestyshäiriö
  13. “No voy a llorar por ti” – Norlan “El Misionario”
  14. “Truth or Dare” – Otto Ivar
  15. “Kumbuya” – Ida Bois
  16. “Lions and Lambs” – Jouni Aslak
  17. “Äänen kantamattomiin” – Vilikasper Kanth
  18. “Bon voyage” – Heidi Pakarinen

Make sure to stay tuned for the press conference next week!