Finland: Pernilla Karlsson speaks to ESCDaily

[cft format=0] had the chance to interview this year’s representative from Finland, Pernilla Karlsson, about her participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

Below you can read what Pernilla Karlsson, the winner of UMK 2012, said; First, thanks for your time Pernilla and congratulations on your victory in UMK 2012! How has the journey been so far?

Pernilla: Thank you so much! The journey has been very busy but fun, I´ve learned a lot already and I wanna learn more! What was the first thing that came to your mind when you were announced the winner? How did you feel emotionally?

Pernilla: I really don´t remember exactly, but I was really shocked and just said to my cellist “no, no, is this really true?” and then I looked at my family who sat behind me in the audience and they were all jumping up full of happiness! What does the song “När Jag Blundar” mean to you? For those who don’t understand it’s lyrics, tell us more about the song.

Pernilla: We made this song with my brother to our mothers 50´s birthday. The song is about how much we respect and appreciate our mother. And how perfect we think she is. Actually we want to tell with this song how much we know that our mother does for her children. Swedish lyrics have been absent for Eurovision for quite some years. What made you decide to submit a song in Swedish?

Pernilla: Swedish is our second language here in Finland and it´s my mother tongue. I couldn´t sing this song to my mother in any other language, it would not have the same emotional feeling. So it was a natural choice to sing in Swedish. Can you tell us anything about the song presentation in Baku? Will you be joined by anyone on stage? Do you have any surprises planned?

Pernilla: I want everything to stay as a surprise, but I can tell that my performance will be very emotional and down to earth. I will have my cellist with me. Have you picked your outfit yet? How will you present yourself?

Pernilla: The outfit is soon ready, and it will be so beautiful! A dress that you will remember even after the performance. Have you heard any of the other competing entries this year? What are your impressions? Do you have any favourites?

Pernilla: I haven´t had time to listen to all of them, but I know that there is so many different songs, which I think is a very good thing! Finally, do you have a message for the readers?

Pernilla: Thank you for reading and thank you for all the support! Hugs for everyone! would like to thank Pernilla for her time and wish her the best in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

Listen to the Finnish entry, sung of course by Pernilla, “När Jag Blundar”, below;