Finland: ‘PKN was chosen because of their music’

The Finnish Head of Delegation has reacted to our interview with a scientest, who said that the mentally disabled punk group PKN should get the right guidance during Eurovision. Maija Aho said to us that “their management has come along with us, so there isn’t really any extra things that we should take care of.”

“Every year is different,” she says. “Each host country brings their own things. But with this group, it has been quite easy. They have been in our national selection as well, so we have worked with them before.”

There are a lot of opinions about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät. Is it a act that was chosen out of sympathy, or is it about their music? “I think it was more about the punk song. Our national final had many different songs and I think people actually voted because of the music. I believe they stand out, because they are already known because of a 2012-documentary.”

A couple of days ago, we spoke with a Dutch researcher about how wise it is that this Finnish group is taking part. She claimed the group can only take part if they get the right guidance by the EBU and the Finnish delegation. You can rewatch that item here: