Finland: UMK qualifiers online

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Today on, the tracklist of Uuden musiikin kilpailu 2012 album was published, revealing the 12 Finnish qualifiers which have made it to the televised stage of the competition.

The demo tracks of the lucky entries were reproduced into radio friendly versions and over the next month, beginning tomorrow, a 50 minute show will be broadcast each friday about the national selection, with a contestant leaving the show each week until six remain.

The six song final will take place at the Helsinki Ice Hall, hosted by Anne Lainto and Joona Kortesmäki on February 25th.

The top 12 is as follows;

1. Ville Eetvartti – Lasikaupunki
2. Mica Ikonen – Antaa mennä
3. Pernilla Karlsson – När jag blundar
4. Stig – Laululeija
5. Freeman & Uusi Fantasia – Noitanainen
6. Leola – Rytmit rikkoutuu
7. Kaisa Vala – Habits Of Human Beings
8. Iconcrash – We Are The Night
9. Aura Pineda – Kunpa vois
10. Aili – Mun taivas
11. Kirahvi nimeltään Tuike – Sinisulkien viimeinen
12. Jari & Taika – Aamuyön ikuisuus

One more song will join the top 12, with a total of 13 entries going into the next phase, which is to be announced this weekend.

Stay tuned!