Bilal Hassani wins first semi final in France

France has its first four qualifiers for the final of Destination Eurovision. Bilal Hassani (pictured above), Aysat, Chimène Badi and Silvàn Areg are still running to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The first semi-final of Destination Eurovision took place in France, with nine artists performing for the chance to represent their country at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. As seen last year, each of the participants performed a cover song, as well as their song for the contest.

Only four of the eight artists have qualified for the final, which will take place on 26th January. The qualifiers are listed in bold:

  1. Bilal Hassani – Roi 115pt
  2. Chimène Badi – Là-haut 66pt
  3. Silvàn Areg – Le petit Nicolas 59pt
  4. Aysat – Comme une grande 40pt
  5. Lautner – J’ai pas le temps 35pt
  6. Mazy – Oulala 33pt
  7. Battista Acquaviva – Passio 31pt
  8. Florina – In the shadow 21pt
  9. Naestro – Le brasier 20pt