Flo Rida is in Rotterdam, will take part in Eurovision Semi Final 2

Flo Rida raps in Australia; Parramatta, Sydney photo: Eva Rinaldi

Flo Rida will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest for San Marino. The American superstar has arrived in Rotterdam just in time for the dress rehearsals for Semi Final 2.

The fairytale story has come true. San Marino, one of the smallest countries in Europe, will bring an American superstar on the Eurovision stage. Already in March, it became clear that Flo Rida was involved in the San Marinese Eurovision entry. Flo Rida, famous for hits like “Right Round”, “Club Can’t Handle Me”, “Whistle”, and “My House”, has been in contact with singer Senhit for a long time. After that, the only question remained whether he would be able to travel to Rotterdam.

Travel restrictions

The travel restrictions due to the corona virus made Flo Rida’s participation unclear for a long time. ESCDaily investigated the story early, checking with EBU officials when exactly Flo Rida needed to be in Rotterdam. They informed us tomorrow morning was the absolute deadline.

ESCDaily also kept in close contact with sources within San Marino’s delegation. They confirm that Flo Rida is currently in Rotterdam with their delegation. Our sources have also informed us that the United States quarantine rules were the biggest obstacle throughout this week.

Senhit, however, teased us of Flo Rida’s upcoming travel during her second rehearsal. She sang into the audience “Rotterdam, are you ready for Flo Rida?”. In the end, the delegation pulled it off. Another international superstar is coming to Eurovision. The first time Flo Rida and Senhit will take the stage is tomorrow afternoon at 15:00 CET. San Marino opens the first dress rehearsal for the second Eurovision semi final.

Update: Check out the first footage of Flo Rida in Rotterdam here!