Malta: Foreign authors proposed in 2011

Today the Times of Malta have reported that PBS will be open to foreign composers and authors to take part in Maltasong 2011.

After several years of limited success in the contest, PBS are set on bringing a high-quality product in 2011 according to PBS’ new CEO Anton Attard. Attard’s first change was bringing former Maltasong chairman Norman Hamilton back to be the main consultant on Eurovision related matters. Also, PBS chairman Joseph Mizzi said that the time had come for PBS to make some decisions and if unsuccessful again, to have the courage to change the process once again.

Due to last years non-allowance of foreign composers, a total of 52% of the national selection entries were from five Maltese composers. Therefore its proposed in 2011 that foreign composers are invited back to avoid such a situation again. Attard said that PBS will allow foreign composers while still protecting Maltese composers and artists. Therefore its been proposed that a foreign composer and author can submit just one entry to the festival while Maltese composers and authors can submit up to four with different singers on each entry. The singer of entries to Maltasong must be Maltese or possess dual citizenship.

Other propositions include a 16 song final, a jury made up of local and foreign experts, the vote for the winner to be made up of 60 per cent jury and 40 per cent televoting and to name the contest the “Malta Eurovision Festival 2011” and for it to begin in the first weeks of February.