Four more songs in Eesti Laul in the 2019 season

Estonia will pick their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on Saturday the 16th of February. They will again use the Eesti Laul format, but the shows will have four more songs than last year.

No twenty, but twenty-four songs will be performed in Eesti Laul 2019. The semi finals will not be pre-recorded shows in a tv studio anymore, but live preselection shows in a city outside of Tallinn. The final will still be held in the capital of Estonia.

Candidates that want to apply will have to pay to enter the competition. Songs in the Estonian language will be charged for 25 euro, songs in another language will have to pay the double amount. Broadcaster ERR hopes this will attract more serious and professional composers, whilst creating some budget for the act at the actual contest. Applications can be submitted on the 1st of October and close on November 6th. On the 15th of November the 24 songs and candidates will be announced, though the songs are not available to listen to until the 4th of December.