France: 280 applications in search for ‘modern song’

French broadcaster France 2 has received 280 applications for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Nathalie André, head of entertainment, has told so in an interview with Télé 7 Jours. She also told that France is looking for a more modern song.

“I am still proud of the song that Lisa Angell performed and her vocal power. It was not a modern song, but we know the theme is still actual after the tragic events in Paris”, says André. Yet, next year, France wants to send something which is more suitable for the current times, perhaps even in English.

It is not known yet if these 280 songs will be narrowed down for a national final or if there will be made a full internal selection. France did announce that they will broadcast both semifinals on France 4, which they did not do in the last couple of years.

France always has a direct place in the Grand Final, but failed to finish outside of the bottom six in the last four years. In 2009 they got their last good result, when Patricia Kaas reached the top-10 in Moscow.