France: Eurovision version of J’ai cherché presented

At the end of February, French public broadcaster France 2 announced the singer Amir Haddad as their representative for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Today, the three minute Eurovision version of his song J’ai cherché has been presented.

Already becoming a big hit from all the air time on several French radio stations, Amir sings his debut single J’ai cherché – a catchy and modern pop song with electronic beats. J’ai cherché means “I Have Been Looking For”, which directly can be heard in the chorus, where he sings the English translation.

Versatile and appealing to a wide audience, the song was written by Amir, Nazim Khaled and Johan Errami, and is released by Warner Music France.

After being a dental surgeon for some time, Amir started a professional singing career at the age of 29. Since he was a child he has dreamt of performing on stage and always had the ambition to become an artist. He was scouted to participate in the popular TV talent show The Voice in 2014, where he reached the final. After this experience Amir participated in the second edition of Forever Gentlemen (who topped the French charts) but he never stopped working on his first album.