France: ‘Televised shows to pick the candidate for Lisbon’

The French newspaper Ouest-France reports that France will broadcast three tv-shows in January, in which the nation will pick their artist for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. After the choiche has been made, a song will be composed for this artist to perform in Lisbon.

According to the newspaper, there will be 15 candidates taking part in the French preselection. In two semi finals, the field will narrow down towards a grand final. In that final, televoters and an international jury will decide who will win it all. The French delegation has yet to confirm the news about the change of plans.

Internal successes

In recent years, France picked their artist internally. And it gave them some decent results with Amir and Alma (pictured above). The last time France had a public selection, they ended up in last place with Twin-Twin and their song ‘Moustache’ in Copenhagen 2014.

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  1. Pity that the international jury only helps to find the ‘ideal’ candidate.
    Much more important would it be to assist in selecting the most appropriate song, cause that is often very culturally determined and an international jury could be a big help.

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