Artists that went from Junior Eurovision to the adult Eurovision

Since the year 2003, there is an annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in addition to the adult contest we have since 1956. As we all grow up, some of the kids from Junior have moved on to the big Eurovision stage.

In this article we focus of the artists that are in this unique list, of having been on stage as main artist for both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Backing singers like Weronika Bochat (Junior 2004 for Poland and backing in 2010) or Ieva Zasimauskaitė (Eurovision 2019 and backing at Junior in 2007) are not taken into account.

Junior Eurovision artists at Eurovision 2021

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, two artists with a history at Junior Eurovision take the stage in Rotterdam. One of them is a former winner from Malta: Destiny Chukunyere.

Destiny won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Bulgaria with the song ‘Not my soul’. After being a backing singer in 2019 for the Maltese entry ‘Chameleon‘, she is the main artist in 2021 with the song ‘All of my love‘.

Stefania Liberakakis is born and raised in The Netherlands, the country she represented at Junior Eurovision 2016 with the group Kisses. Four years later she sings the song ‘Superg!rl’ for Greece at the adult version of the contest:

Tolmachevy twins took a shoot at winning both Junior and adult Eurovision

The Russian twins Anastasiya and Maria Andreyevna Tolmachevy conquered Europe in 2006 by winning Junior Eurovision with their sweet performance of ‘Vesenniy Jazz‘.

Eight years later, the twins went to Copenhagen to represent Russia again at Eurovision. The Tolmachevy Sisters were chosen to represent Russia via internal selection with the song “Shine” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

They came 7th overall with 89 points, but after the contest most people spoke about the outrageous booing of the audience during the semi-final and when they qualified into final.

Lisa, Amy and Shelly became O’G3NE

Lisa, Amy, and Shelley Vol represented the Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song “Adem in, adem uit” (“Breathe In, Breathe Out”). After that, they went on to become famous in The Netherlands, especially after winning season five of The Voice of Holland.

On 29 October 2016, it was announced that they would represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Their song “Lights and Shadows” qualified from the semifinals and ultimately placed eleventh in the final, scoring 150 points.

Nevena Božović took the Eurovision stage three times already

Serbian singer Nevena Božović even went to Eurovision three times already! First she sang at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and finished in third place with ‘Piši Mi’.

After not qualifying for the final in 2013 when she was a member of the group Moje 3, she went back to Eurovision in 2019 again. Nevena competed with “Kruna” which placed eighteenth in the final .

Junior Eurovision artists at Eurovision 2015

At the contest in Vienna in 2015, San Marino picked their last two Junior Eurovision Song Contest participants. Being Michele Perniola (Junior Eurovision 2013 for San Marino) and Anita Simoncini (member of The Peppermints at Junior Eurovision 2014 for San Marino).

They competed as a duet performing “Chain of Lights” which placed sixteenth in the second semi-final, not making it to the final.