From X Factor to Eurovision: Michael Ben-David to Represent Israel!

The X Factor Israel final is complete, with the Israeli Eurovision representative chosen. Four artists competed over two rounds, singing both covers and their potential Eurovision entries.

The final consisted of two rounds, both with voting consisting of the X Factor judging panel (25%), expert media panel (25%) and public voting (50%). In the first round, the finalists faced each either in a series of duels. In this round, they performed cover songs, with the third duel featuring the potential Eurovision songs.

Here are the results of the duels:

Duel 1

  • Inbal Bibi – “The Winner Takes It All“ 29 points
  • Michael Ben-David – “Shnei Meshugaim” 71 points – Advanced

Duel 2

  • Sapir Saban – “Badad” 35 points
  • Eli Huli – “I’ll Be There For You” 65 points – Advanced

Duel 3

  • Sapir Saban – “Breaking my own walls” 31 points
  • Inbal Bibi – “Marionette” 69 points – Advanced

The second round saw the participants perform their potential Eurovision songs.

  • Inbal Bibi – “Marionette“173 points – 3rd
  • Michael Ben-David – “I.M” 214 points – 1st
  • Eli Huli – “Blinded Dreamers” 213 points – 2nd

Michael Ben-David will represent Israel at Eurovision with the song ‘I.M’.

About Michael

Michael is 25 years old and hails from Petah Tikva, a city 10 kilometres from Tel Aviv. During his time on the X Factor, he spoke openly about the struggles he faced growing up. The talented singer discussed his experience at school, where he was bullied for singing in a high-pitched voice. He also discussed that his mother initially struggled to accept Michael when he came out as gay. He credits these experiences for finding inner strength, and these themes are included in his Eurovision entry –  an anthem of self-acceptance.