FYR Macedonia: English version ‘Autumn Leaves’ available here

Daniel Kajmakoski today presented the English version of his Eurovision song. In November, Kajmakoski won Skopjefest with the song ‘Lisja Esenski’, but he decided to translate this song for Vienna. The new version ‘Autumn Leaves’ can be found here on ESC Daily!

Daniel Kajmakoski became famous in Macedonia and other Balkan countries after his victory in X Factor Adria, the Serbian version of X Factor. When asked about translating his song, Kajmakoski told ESC Daily: “We had to adjust the song when I decided to enter the competition, because of the regulations at Skopski festival. Now we don’t have limitations, and can make the best of it!

Besides the language, Macedonia also changed the composition of the song slightly. The Swedish composer Joachim Persson and his Macedonian colleague Robert Bilbilov took care of this. Instead of the classical ballad build-up, the song now has R ‘n B influences and a more subtile background track.