FYR Macedonia: Esma & Lozano rumours “untrue”

ESCDaily has been contacted by the Macedonian delegation regarding comments made fasely about Esma Redžepova that were initially posted on Serbian newspaper; Kurir but now has been posted throughout numerous Eurovision news-based websites.

Within the article it claims that Esma had blaimed the “gay lobby” for her country’s failure to qualify this year and also made accusations that Lozano felt very uncomfortable during his stay in Malmö due to the gay community “pinching his rear”. The Macedonian delegation deny both accusations strongly.

Deputy Head of Delegation for FYR Macedonia; Russell Davies had this to comment regarding the statements about Esma:

As a Romany she is particularly sensitive to the percussion of all minorities.  She 100% supports the gay community, and has a strong believe that everyone may live their lives as they choose.  Esma has a many gay friends, whom she respects and supports.  Her own personal principles are that all people should be free to make their own choices so they can live free happy and fulfilled lives.

Mr. Davies had also this to comment regarding what was stated about Lozano:

As far as Lozano is concerned, I can personally confirm that he enjoyed many evenings in both Eruoclub and Eurocafe during his time in Malmo. He particularly enjoyed the Balkan Music Night and the Closing Party.  Again the comments written about him in the ‘Kurir’ newspaper are utter nonsense!

On behalf of Esma, her management and the Macedonian Delegation for Eurovision, we strongly repudiate these falsehoods.