FYR Macedonia: Eurovision entry to be performed in native language

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A week ago, FYR Macedonia broadcaster MKRTV decided to select internal for 2012 and they have chosen popular pop singer Kaliopi. Today, the national broadcaster of the country hosted a press conference and announced more information about the national process for the Eurovision 2012.

MKRTV announced that the Eurovision 2012 entry will be sung in the native language of the country. The head of delegation of FYR Macedonia; Maria Popova, stated that the intention of the MKRTV is that Kaliopi will represent the country as the composer and performer of the song as well. MKRTV has also revealed that an international producer will be in charge of FYR Macedonia participation in Baku. Last but not least Kaliopi stated:

I’m not sure yet whether to play with a strong ballad, or any energetic song like the Tina Turner ones. Sure, the song will be played in a modern way, with a folk feature.

More details, including the entry, are expected to be revealed mid-February.