FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi to sing “Crno i belo”

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MKRTV, the national broadcaster in FYR Macedonia has announced that their entrant Kaliopi’s Eurovision song will be called “Crno i belo” (in English; ‘Black and White’).

The song has been composed by Romeo Grill (who has worked with Kaliopi earlier in her career) and the text was written by Kaliopi herself. “Crno i belo” was chosen from a number of submissions from both singers from the country as well as from abroad. The composer, Romeo, flew from his home in Switzerland to Skopje today, where the song was recorded in the studios of Macedonian Radio Television. The song will then be mastered in Germany.

Furthermore, Vasil Zafircev (one of Kaliopi’s former husbands) will take the role of artistic director for her performance in Baku. The song will be presented on a special show on MKRTV, the date of which is to be announced in due course.

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