Gebrasy wins the Lithuanian semi and faces The Roop and four other qualifiers next week

Gebrasy performs in Lithuania photo: screenshot LRT

The semi final of Pabandom iš naujo has been won by Gebrasy. He go to the final in Lithuania of next week and face the pre-qualified act The Roop.

The song ‘Where’d You Wanna Go?’ by Gebrasy was also a winner in their heat leading up to this semi final. Just like then he won both the jury vote and the televote in this semi final. Gebrasy seems to be the biggest contender next to The Roop for the final.

Apart from Gebrasy, there were four other qualifiers for the final in Lithuania, which can be seen below in the full score. The points were given by a jury + televote:

01. Gebrasy – “Where’d You Wanna Go?” (12+12)
02. Martyna Jezepčikaitė – “Thank You Very Much” (5+10)
03. Evita Cololo – “Be paslapčių” (10+2)
04. Voldemars Petersons – “Never Fall for You Again” (7+5)
05. Titas & Benas – “No” (4+8)
06. Milita Daikerytė – “Shadows” (8+3)
07. Gabrielius Vagelis – “My Guy” (6+4)
08. Norbertas – “Man in Need” (2+6)
09. Be U – “Love Yourself” (1+7)
10. Aistė Brokenleg – “Home” (4+1)

The Roop won the Lithuanian preselection in 2020 with the song ‘On Fire’ but didn’t get to go to Eurovision. Now they received a wildcard for the final in 2021, where they will start as the ones to beat next week with the song ‘Discoteque’. They premiered that song last week, and you can check it out in this article.