Georgia: UPD: 26 entries shortlisted for national selection

Georgia’s broadcaster GPB has published the list of 26 entries that are shortlisted to take part in their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The 26 names might still be narrowed down to a tighter field for the national final.

Georgia used to have slightly modest selections with just five or ten songs. Since their debut in 2007, they also picked their artist internally a couple of times. It has not yet been revealed exactly how many songs exactly will be selected for the final.

During the selection process, a professional jury will have 60% influence on the outcome and televoters will decide the other 40%. There is no previous Eurovision contestants amongst the participants.

All of the songs in the Georgian process are available to listen to HERE on SoundCloud.


13-12 Compared to the previous field of 28 artists, Ancho Dolidze and Ani Kekua failed to make the cut.

15-12 Natia Bidzinashvili withdrew from the Georgian selection, she would have performed “My Song For You”. Now, only 25 songs remain for the selection.

19-12 The date of the show has now been announced: on the 20th of January, we will know who represents Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Check out the participation list below:

  1. Nanuka Giorgobiani – Let The Sunshine In
  2. Giorgi Chikovani – Make it Right
  3. Davit Shanidze – “Mtvris Katsi”(Man of Dust)
  4. Trio Mandili – “Me da Shen” (You and Me)
  5. Elene Mikiashvili – Fighter
  6. Andria Gvelesiani – Revolutionise
  7. Group The Mins – Crime
  8. Alisa Danelia – We Are Eternity
  9. Rati Durglishvili – Why
  10. Brandon Stone & Eter Beriashvili – Heyo Song
  11. Tornike Kipiani & Giorgi Bolotashvili – You Are My Sunshine
  12. Group EOS – Urban Signs
  13. Dima Kobeshavidze – Scream
  14. Maliibu – We Live Once
  15. Group Asea Sool – Nature
  16. Misha Sulukhia – Magic
  17. Tako Gachechiladze – Keep the Faith
  18. Oto Nemsadze & Group Limbo – Dear God
  19. Mariam Chachkhiani – Fly
  20. Nutsa Buzaladze – White Horses Run
  21. Group Sparkle – On The Top
  22. Nino Basharuli – “Simgera Sikvarulisa” (The Song of Love)
  23. Temo Sajaia – All The Same
  24. Mariko Lejava – Bithard and Avol Waves
  25. Sabina Chantouria – Stranger

Nika Kocharov

During last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Nika Kocharov and his band the Young Georgian Lolitaz reached the Grand Final in Stockholm. In the final, they finished in the 20th place with 104 points. Their song was co-written by Thomas G:son and Sacha Jean-Baptiste did the staging for the song.

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