Georgia: Five Eurovision Songs Presented

Georgia has revealed the five songs for Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz. One of these songs will be Georgia’s entry in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The method of selecting the entry will come down to a public selection where viewers can vote for their favourite from five songs to represent their country.

Over 100 entries were submitted for the Georgian Eurovision Song Contest representatives and the broadcaster together with this year’s artists have narrowed it down to the following five entries:

  • Sugar And Milk – written by Gia Iashvili
  • Midnight Gold – written by Kote Kalandadze
  • Right Of Wrong – written by Sandro Sulakvelidze
  • Pain In My Heart – written by Giorgi Sikharulidze
  • Weagree – written by Nika Kocharov and Vazha Marri

The YouTube playlist featuring all five of this year’s songs is available to listen to here.

These five songs are now available to hear online and the final decision will be revealed on February 15th on the TV show Communicator. The decision for this year’s song will come from 50% viewers voting as well as an international expert jury panel who will account for the remaining 50% of the vote. Although these songs will compete to represent Georgia, the Eurovision rules state that a song may not be more than three minutes long; as some of these entries exceed the three minute rule, we can probably expect to hear some changes even after the national final.