Georgia: Nina going through highs and lows

Coming into Vienna, expectations for Georgia were rather low. That all changed after the first rehearsal, in which a great staging arguably lifted the song to a certain qualifier in the first semi final. Today, however, Nina Sublati seems to be back to square one due to illness…

Nina Sublati’s winning performance in the Georgian national final was not rated very high among Eurovision followers. However, the delegation put in a lot of effort to turn things around. First, Thomas G:son revamped the song to a new arrangement. Then, fellow Swede Sacha Melina Jean-Baptiste was hired to come up with ideas for the staging of the song. She spoke to ESC Daily about that in the interview you can see below:

However, today’s first rehearsal did not go according to plan for Georgia. Nina is sick, and was deliberately saving her voice during the first rehearsal, hoping she will be able to perform better during tonight’s jury final. Jury’s generally pay attention specifically to the vocals.