Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze selected for Kiev

Georgia has selected “Keep The Faith” as their Eurovision song for 2017. Tako Gachechiladze won an extensive Georgian national final on Friday night, and will therefore gain the right to perform her song in Kiev.

During the selection process, a professional jury had 60% influence on the outcome and televoters decided the other 40%. “Keep the Faith” is a ballad with a haunting recurring line in the chorus, and slight jazz string influences in the arrangement.

The final featured a record of 25 participants. Georgia used to have slightly modest selections with just five or ten songs. Since their debut in 2007, they also picked their artist internally a couple of times.

You can watch the winning performance here. It is not 100% certain that this will also be the version for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. Georgia has a tendency to change its arrangement in the build-up to the contest. This happened both to Nina Sublatti in 2015 and to Nika Kocharov and his band last year.

Junior Eurovision

A few months ago, Georgia managed to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Mariam Mamadashvili gained 239 points with her song called Mzeo. Australia came fifth with 202 points. It was already the third time Georgia managed to win Junior Eurovision. In adult Eurovision, however, the country have never reached above the 9th place in the Grand Final.

Georgia in Stockholm

During last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Nika Kocharov and his band the Young Georgian Lolitaz reached the Grand Final in Stockholm. In the final, they finished in the 20th place with 104 points. Their song was co-written by Thomas G:son and Sacha Jean-Baptiste did the staging for the song.