Gergely Danielfy wins first semi final of A Dal in Hungary, Leander Kills sneaks through

The Hungarian preselection A Dal will go towards the final decision. The first semi final has been won by Gergely Danielfy and the song ‘Azt mondtad’.

Zsolt Sule and Biga also qualified for the final A Dal after the jury votes. The fourth ticket for the final went to Leander Kills after the televote results came in. They won their quarter final, but failed to score with the jury on Saturday after a revamp of their song, adding some violins. The televote saved them from elimination.

Results of semi final 1 in Hungary (qualifiers in bold):

01. Gergely Danielfy – Azt mondtad – 47 points
02. Zsolt Sule – Zold a május – 45 points
03. Biga – Good Vibez – 42 points

04. Leander Kills – Nem szól harang – 41 points (televote ticket)
05. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For – 37 points
06. Maszkura és a Tucsokraj – Nagybetus szavak – 37 points
07. Ham ko ham – Barmerre jarsz – 36 points
08. Roland Gulyas – Hypnotized – 35 points
09. SativuS – Lusta lány – 33 points

Gergely Dánielfy, a total newcomer

Newcomer Gergely Dánielfy makes quite an impression this year with his song “Azt Mondtad”. ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum previously described the song as “the kind of music you listen to on a warm summer night, when you are having dinner on an outside terrace in the center of Budapest.” Strong vocals and a unique quiet composition of only an acoustic guitar and violin, give him a chance at the Hungarian Eurovision ticket.