Germany: Winner withdraws – Ann Sophie to Vienna

Ann Sophie has just been awarded the responsibility to fly the German flag in May, with her song Black Smoke, after winner Andreas withdrew upon result. Tonight was the much awaited final of Unser Song für Österreich, where 8 acts took to the stage and the public decided their fate – or at least they thought so.

After three rounds of voting, the winner was eventually decided not by televoting but by Andreas, who decided that he is ‘just a very small singer’, who does not belong at a big stage. ‘You are much better suited for this,’ he said.

Ann Sophie then did not really know what to do. ‘Am I going to Vienna?’ she asked multiple times, before grasping the microphone and asking the crowd ‘Is that really what you want?’ After a lukewarm applause, she decided to perform her song ‘Black Smoke’ again.

Wildcard wins again

Alexa Feser, wildcard Ann Sophie, girl-group Laing and Andreas Kümmert advanced from the first round. Having presented their second prepared songs each, Ann Sophie and Andreas Kümmert moved through the final round, where Andreas eventually took the victory with the song Heart of Stone.

But upon the result, Andreas withdrew, awarding Ann Sophie the title with her song Black Smoke. So she will now represent Germany in Vienna, making it the second year a Wildcard wins the competition.

ESC Daily was in the TUI Arena in Hannover with Mihalis Vollmer covering all the ‘behind the scenes’ action; working together with his “Eurovision Experience” partner, Jill, who liveblogged the event.

The lineup from tonight (winner in bold):

  • Mrs. Greenbird – Shine Shine Shine / Take My Hand
  • Alexa Feser – Glück / Das Gold vor Morgen
  • Faun – Hörst du die Trommeln / Abschied
  • Noize Generation – A Song For You / Crazy Now
  • Ann Sophie (wildcard) – Jump the Gun / Black Smoke
  • Fahrenhaidt – Frozen Silence / Mother Earth
  • Laing – Zeig deine Muskeln / Wechselt die Beleuchtung
  • Andreas Kümmert – Home Is in My Hands / Heart of Stone

What do you think of the winner?