Germany: Anne Sophie steals the Wildcard spot

Tonight Anne Sophie won the wildcard spot with song Jump the Gun in the first round of the German selection show Unser Song für Österreich. In Hamburg, broadcaster NDR held a special ClubKonzert, where just 1 of the 10 young acts could earn the final competing spot in the selection process.

Already, there have been 7 acts chosen by a jury from a pool of 1270 submitted videos. And now, the television viewers have voted the eighth spot to go to Anne Sophie over a close second place girl-group Ason. Last year the final place went to Elaiza, who in the end won the ticket to Copenhagen.

The 10 competing acts in the CluKonzert were (winner in bold):

  • Louisa – Boomerang
  • Ason – Hey you
  • Lars Pinkwart – Tornado
  • Sendi – Battlefield
  • Sophie – Imperfection
  • Aden – We Are On Fire
  • Ann Sophie – Jump The Gun
  • Alisson Bonnefoy – Burning Down
  • Moonjos – Haggard Heart
  • Klangpoet – 4 u

The German national final will be on March 5th at 20:15 CET at the Hanover Arena. Don’t miss it!

Now the final lineup for Unser Song für Österreich goes like this:

  • Fahrenhaidt
  • Faun
  • Alexa Feser
  • Mrs. Greenbird
  • Andreas Kümmert
  • Laing
  • Noize Generation
  • Ann Sophie