Germany: First five “Unser Star Für Baku” participants eliminated

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The first elimination show for German casting show “Unser Star Für Baku” has just aired, with the first ten of twenty participants singing for the first time. Five of the ten have advanced to the next round, while the others have been eliminated.

This year, the show first used in 2010 to select Lena as the German participant was hosted by Steven Gätjen, with Sandra Rieß being a backstage host. The jury; who commented after every participant performed was made up of Thomas D, “Frida Gold” singer Alina Süggeler and last year’s Eurovision host Stefan Raab.

Below, in bold you can see the participants who qualified to the next round of “Unser Star Für Baku”, next to the percentage of the vote they recieved, and their draw order.

15.5% (06) Shelly Phillips (20, Coburg) – Valerie (Amy Winehouse)
14.9% (10) Roman Lob (21, Neustadt/Wied) – After Tonight (Justin Nozuka)
14.7% (08) Céline Huber (21, Lörrach) – Beautiful Disaster (Kelly Clarkson)
14.7% (03) Leonie Burgmer (21, Essen) – Stronger than me (Amy Winehouse)
14.7% (01) Katja Petri (24, Berlin) – Marry You (Bruno Mars)

14.5% (05) Kai Nötting (21, Weidenau) – More (Usher)
05.9% (09) Jil Rock (20, Dissen) – Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
02.4% (04) Yasmin Guerioui (22, Würzburg) – Not Fair (Lily Allen)
01.7% (07) Salih Öezcan (23, Nürnberg) – Señorita (Justin Timberlake)
01.0% (02) Jan Verweij (21, Mönchengladbach) – Closer to the edge (30 Seconds to Mars)

The show’s format followed a completely transparent process. The ten participants introduced themselves to the audience at the start of the show, who then could then vote for their favorites in the two minutes following. After the two minutes, the voting lines were frozen; and the act in first place performed last, while the person in last performed first. During the whole show, the voting results were displayed on screen; something described as ‘revolutionary’ by jury member Stefan Raab.

The next show will be held next Thursday (19/01), where a new set of 10 participants will be presented to the public. You can see all the performances from tonight’s show at the Unser Star Für Baku website here. The final of the show will be held on February 16th, on Das Erste.