Germany: Five young talents for national final chosen

Broadcaster ARD has announced the names of the five young guns that will battle it out on Thursday the 5th of February. One of these young artists will be representing Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev.

The five chosen artists are: Axel Maximilian Feige from Hamburg, Felicia Lu Kürbiß from Freilassing, Helene Nissen from Hollingstedt, Isabella “Levina” Lueen from Berlin en Wilhelm “Sadi” Richter from Dortmund. They were picked out of over 2000 candidates that have applied to take part on behalf of Germany in Eurovision.

In the national final, televoting is the system to pick the winning artist. A jury consisting of Florian Silbereisen, Tim Bendzko and Eurovision 2010-winner Lena will give advice to the people.

More information on the five remaining acts and a call-out of for composers? Go to the ARD’s website or below.

Axel Maximilian Feige

Axel is 28 and lives in Hamburg where he works as a freelance musician. As a child he learned to play the bassoon, piano, guitar and also taught himself to play the bass. At the age of 15 Axel founded his first band, currently playing with the band Absolem Max and Diazpora. Their new album will be released in mid-February.

Felicia Lu Kürbiß

Felicia, 21, comes from Freilassing. She plays the piano and currently works as a songwriter. She calls her musical direction electro-pop. Every week she publishes videos on YouTube and already has experience with casting shows having taken part in the final of Rising Star in 2014.

Helene Nissen

Helene is 20 and comes from from Hollingstedt and is still studying. She has also gained stage experience with the broadcaster NDR and has appeared on Travemünder Woche. She plays the guitar and plays at concerts with her brother. As far as we know, she is not related to Australia’s Anja Nissen.

Isabella “Levina” Lueen

Isabella is 25 and lives in Berlin. She is currently studying Music Management at the London College of Music. Levina writes soul and pop songs, she received singing and piano lessons at the age of nine, and played in children’s musicals until her 16th birthday. She also regularly plays in bars with her band.

Wilhelm “Sadi” Richter

Wilhelm is 19 years old and lives in Dortmund. He studied composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. Sadi is a jazz musician, plays the piano, bass and drums, and also sings in clubs. As a fifteen-year-old, he was singing trainer for a television show presented by Sylvie Meis, a popular television personality in Germany.