Germany: Read back over our live blog for The Unser Song 2017 Final

This Thursday (9th February), One of the big 5 countries in Eurovision, Germany will pick their representative. Who will represent Germany at The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. 

Tonight’s show will begin at 20:15 CET. The show will be broadcast here on Follow all of the live action with our editor Sadie Trent. The 5 finalists in Unser Song are as follows:

  • Axel Feige
  • Felicia Lu
  • Helene Nissen
  • Levina
  • Yosefin Buohler

2 songs have been composed and put together specifically for Germany’s Participation at Eurovision. These songs are called ‘WildFire‘ and ‘Perfect Life‘. The Special guests are Ruslana, who will be singing the 2012 winning song for Sweden, Euphoria, Conchita who will be singing 2010 winning song for Germany, Satellite and Nicole will be singing the 1966 winning song for Austria Merci Chérie. So some international winning songs from other international winning artists, a very strange but interesting concept.

Coverage is now over. Thanks for reading.


23:30 CET Show over.

That is it. Germany have now selected. How will they do in Kiev, it will be a nervous wait for them, and they will be doing everything they can to make sure their whole eurovision package including costumes, performances and how the artist looks is perfect as it all counts.

23:15 CET – Final round voting closed

Now we will find out which song Levina is taking to Kiev. The song she is taking is… PERFECT LIFE.

23:01 CET – Interval acts. Ruslana, Nicole and Conchita

Ruslana is singing Euphoria, Nicole is singing Merci Chérie and Conchita is singing Satellite. OMG, Ruslana singing Euphoria, with her own style, with the power of Loreen, an excellent twist on Euphoria. What a surprising performance. Nicole, singing slowly but still has the powerful voice there. Now Conchita singing Satellite in the same ballad style that Rise like Phoenix was sung in, and accompanied with the live band, all these performances were amazing. To finish all 3 come on to finish singing Satellite to honour the German winner Lena.

Another amazing reaction from the audience in the studio in Cologne. Another performance that is better and much stronger 2nd time round. Hard to tell which song she will be taking to Kiev. Both will improve Germany’s poor run of results lately.

22:45 CET – Reprise of Wildfire by Levina

Since Levina will be going to Kiev, she needs to sing both songs once more so the audience can decide which song to send her to Kiev with. Wildfire is the strongest one by far and has the better reactions from the audience. Performance much better 2nd time around.

22:41 Round 3 voting closed

LEVINA WILL BE GOING TO KIEV! It is now just a matter of which song she will be taking there. Axel is now officially out of the running.

22:18 CET – Levina singing Perfect Life

The bars at the beginning of the song sound almost identical to Titanium. This song I think will give Levina the edge and therefore make her the German representative, as she is getting the better reception tonight. This song sounds the classic Eurovision pop song, and will certainly improve the dismal results Germany have had recently

22:10 CET – Axel singing Perfect Life

The 2nd of 2 special songs written especially for Germany’s participation. The style in which Axel is singing this makes it sound like a male is singing a James Bond theme tunes. Very strong and theatrical, which works very well. The staging is complete and doesn’t look too empty. His stillness works well for this song, as he is able to use his strong voice more, and that also works in his favour.

22:06 CET – Round 2 voting over

Going through to round 3 is Levina and Axel. Meaning Helene goes home. Among the fans I am speaking to online, Levina is now the fans favourite after her Wildfire performance..

21:58 CET – Tim Bendzko performing

Very laid back outfit, jeans and suit jacket, so is smart casual and presentable. Very nice song, bouncing and enjoyable for an interval act.

21:46 CET – Levina singing Wildfire

She has made this song a lot slower then the previous 2 versions, and I like it like this. Suits her voice very well. She got the biggest cheer out of the current 3 singing this song. I think this would go down well at Eurovision. It would definitely improve on their poor run of results for the last few years.

21:41 CET – Axel singing Wildfire

His voice suits this song more, and it isn’t as quirky as when Helene sung it. His over all package suits this song more. Again his lack of movement may let him down, he would need to make use of the ig stage should he get selected for Kiev singing this song. Standing still on a big stage doesn’t look good live or on the TV.

21:36 CET – Helene singing Wildfire

This is one of 2 specially composed songs for Eurovision. She has put it in that quirky style as her cover song which doesn’t suit this song at all.

21:31 CET – First round of voting closed

Going through to the next round is Axel, Levina and Helene. Felecia and Yosefin got knocked out and will not progress through to round 2. They will now sing the 2 specially composed songs WildFire and Perfect Life.

21:07 CET – Levina singing ‘When We Were Young’

Very strong vocals right from the start, quirky but strong, and she can do them both well and at the same time. Singing an Adele song is risky but she is pulling it off extremely well. Goes into a more heavy beat and stronger second half, and with it come the stronger and more confident vocals, and it is working well for her. A nice sparly white and silver top, black trousers and smart shoes which stands out and works well.

20:57 CET – Axel Feige singing ‘You Know My Name’

Proper rock song which seems to suit his voice and style. Never heard a rock song with a live band before, but it soungs amazing, like it has a theatrical element to it. Sadly he has to stage energy though as he is just standing there doing nothing, not moving around or anything. Everyone before him, made some attempt to move around, but not him, so this might not go in his favour sadly. The song is very well sung though so credit to him for that. A very smart outfit, a full on suit. In some cases it works in some cases, it shows he might be trying too hard.

20:47 CET – Felicia Lu singing ‘Dancing On My Own’

Very slow start to the song, with quirky vocals, which doesn’t always work well in Eurovision. Builds up to a strong second half of the song, with strong vocals. The temp changes totally in the second half of the song which seems to suit Felicia better. No key changes which has suited her well, but the power is there. A more formal outfit, one I would say is smart enough for this event.

20:39 CET – Yosefin Buohler singing ‘Love On Top’

It is a song like this that needs a live band, and makes me miss the live band at Eurovision. Her vocals are strong against the live band  in the studio. Coped excellently with the key change, has plenty of power in vocals so could cope well with powerful vocals, and can cope with quick changing keys in the vocals. Was smart casual, but wearing trainers doesn’t show her smart side, she could of worn some smart-ish shoes.

20:29 CET – Helene singing ‘Folsom Prison Blues’

Song 1 of the covers round. A lovely country twist on a great classic song. Helene is playing a guitar so it shows she has some musicality and is able to play an instrument live, which may play to her advantage, it may not. It has worked in the past, it hasn’t for some people. Only time will tell. Very laid back outfit, not the sort of outfit that should be worn at Eurovision. Denim Jacket complete with trainers.

20:17 – CET Introductions

Barbara Schoneberger, famous German actress and singer is introducing the show. Showing off her singing skills and she isn’t half bad. Showing flashbacks from previous Unser Songs and, introducing panellists, which include German Eurovision winner Lena along with Tim Bendzko and Florian Silbereisen. Now they are explaining how each of the 4 rounds will work.