Germany: Next two “Unser Stars” eliminated

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Fourth heat of this year’s Unser Star Für Baku has just ended. Eight participant fought for six places for the next week’s show. Umut Anil and Sebastian Dey were eliminated, ranking 7th and 8th while Roman Lob and Yana Gercke still remain favourites. Tonight’s result were a bit different from last week’s show, as tonight all the participants fought for a spot. The first place was grabbed by Roman Lob while Yana Gercke ranked second. Tonight’s biggest “fight” was between Katja Petri and Umut Anil for a spot in next week’s show.

Tonight’s results

1st Roman Lob 

2nd Yana Gercke

3rd Ornella de Santis

4th Shelly Phillips

5th Céline Huber

6th Katja Petri

7th Umut Anil

8th Sebastian Dey


The show was hosted by Steven Gätjen and Sandra Rieß (backstage). The jury, who commented after every performance was made up by: Thomas D, Frida Gold (Alina Süggeler) and last year’s Eurovision host Stefan Raab. Next week, another two participants will be eliminated.

Stay tuned!