Germany: ‘No internal selection next year’

Germany will not go for an internal selection next year, as was originally the case this year with Xavier Naidoo. Thomas Schreiber, the German Head of Delegation, has confirmed to that they will stick to a preselection process like they eventually had.

We spoke to the Germans about their plans for the upcoming years: “The internal selection was a one-off. We had a very good singer. The audience were to choose the song. Now we will stay to a preselection process like we had. But there is also a second option. There are different ways to find an artist and a song. It is too early to say what we will do after Stockholm, but we will have a show in spring and there will be a couple of artists and a couple of songs.”

One thing is certain already: The plan is not to look for a new Lena. “Lena was an example of a young and charasmatic girl that can fill the stage. But we should not be looking for a second Lena, she is unique. It is a composers contest, the strenght of the song is the main importance. We are looking for personalities and songs that are strong enough.”