Germany: Public decision after Naidoo-debacle

Germany will have a national final where the public will decide who will represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. This is stated by NDR and ARD chairman Lutz Marmor in a press conference about appointing and withdrawing Xavier Naidoo for Eurovision.

“NDR made a mistake”, says Marmor. “This decision damages the reputation of the ARD and so all our work sustainable.” Naidoo is alleged to have homophobic and racist opinions. Thomas Schreiber, ARD’s Entertainment Coordinator stated that Naidoo is an “outstanding singer, who is definitely not homophobe or racist. However, the brunt of the reactions surprised us”.

Last year, the German national final ended in fiasco when winner Andreas Kümmert gave away his victory live on air. Runner-up Ann Sophie then finished with 0 points in Vienna. When, and how, another national final will be held, is yet to be announced.