Germany sticks to their game plan after success in Lisbon

Due to its success in 2017, German national broadcaster NDR has decided to stick to their gameplan for 2019, with the broadcaster looking for another 100 members to feature in the next Eurovision panel for the selection.

Part of Germany’s selection process for 2018 included the introduction of the Eurovision panel, in which a total of 100 members were recruited through an online survey to have their say on who they believe should both compete in the country’s national final, as well as eventually represent Germany in Lisbon. NDR again wants their panel to represent the international taste of Eurovision music, with members to be selected through another online survey hosted by Simon-Kucher & Partners. As with 2018, all members will be decided through a multi-level selection process.

The 100 member panel will, once again, vote from a pre-selection process on which candidates should compete in the national final, as well as have their say in the preliminary round of the final vote. As well as the Eurovision panel, an expert international jury and television viewers will also have their say on the final outcome of the German national final.