Germany: Two songs in the race for Kiev

The national final in Germany will feature two songs, called “Wildfire” and “Perfect Life”. The chosen five young talents will perform both songs during four rounds to select who will sing the German entry in Kiev.

The show ‘Unser Song für Kiew’ will be held on the 9th of February. The day before, the songs will be released and can be heard already from 20:15 CET.

The songs have been written by an international team, copying the same strategy as in 2010, when Lena won for Germany. “Wildfire” has been written by Marit Larsen from Norway and Tofer Brown and Brite Greg from the USA. The Americans Lindy Robbins, Lindsey Ray and Dave Bassett are responsible for the song “Perfect Life”.

Five singers in one final

Five young talent have been selected to perform the two songs at the national final. Initially Wilhelm “Sadi” Richter from Dortmund was taking part, but he has been replaced by Yosefin Buohler from Stockholm.

These are there names and where they are from. More information can be found on the official ARE Eurovision website.

Axel Maximilian Feige from Hamburg
Felicia Lu Kürbiß from Freilassing
Helene Nissen from Hollingstedt
Isabella “Levina” Lueen from Berlin
Yosefin Buohler from Stockholm