Gianluca Cilia: “I need to switch off my nerves to perform well”

Malta’s Gianluca Cilia does not look nervous on stage at all. However, in an interview with ESCDaily, the 10-year-old kid reveals that he is in fact nervous before performing. “I’m nervous, but when I’m on stage, I tell myself: This is happening. Embrace it.”

The Maltese delegation is still experimenting with different camera angles. “They tell me to try different things and they told it to me already before the rehearsal. We studied the different choreographies. It’s fun.” The most fun, however, is the part with the megaphone. Gianluca likes it the best of all!

Check out the full interview with Gianluca Cilia below:

Gianluca liked meeting all the other participants. Not everyone speaks English as well as him, but that’s not important. “Communicating is the most important thing. As long as we can communicate and make friends, that’s what it is all about.”