Gianna Terzi will sing ‘Oneiro Mou’ for Greece to Lisbon

The Greek broadcaster ERT has announced the 36-year old Gianna Terzi as their representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. She will perform the song ‘Oneiro Mou’ (My Dream) in Lisbon for Greece.

There were rumours that Greece would hold a national final to make their choice for Eurovision 2018, but this turned out not to be true. The broadcaster had selected five songs, but two of them did not match the criteria to be allowed at Eurovision. Thus, a potential national final was scrapped.

Gianna Terzi has written and composed the song herself, with additional help from Aris Kalimeris, Michalis Papathanasiou and Dimitris Stamatiou. She rose to fame in 2005, when she released her first self-titled CD single in Greece. The daughter of Greek singer Pashalis Terzis has released several singles since then. She tried to make in the United States and persued a carreer over the Atlantic Ocean. About 10 years later she returned to Greece and will now represent her country at Eurovision.

Check out the Greek song for Lisbon below