Go_A wins Vidbir 2020 and will represent Ukraine in Rotterdam

Go_A performing 'Solovey' at Vidbir 2020 in Ukraine Source: UA:PBC

Go_A has won the final of Vidbir 2020 in Ukraine and will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. The band won both the jury- and the televoting. YouTube star Jerry Heil, who was one of the favourite to win, disappointingly ended on the last place with her song “Vegan”.

Go_A will perform the song Соловей (Solovey) on the stage in Rotterdam on behalf of Ukraine. The song is fully in Ukranian.

Check out the Ukraine Eurovision song here:

Vidbir 2020: Final Results

The Vidbir Grand Final ended with highly surprising results. The Ukranian professional jury, who generally votes in favor of bigger names, decided to put YouTube star Jerry Heil and well-known electronical band Tvorchi at the bottom of their votes. In the semi final, both had received top scores from the professional jury.

In the end televoters, however, decided the winner. And they went for outsider Go_A and their traditional Ukranian ethnopop song “Solovey”. The song is an interesting traditional percussion song in the style of “Voda” (Bulgaria 2007).

  1. Go_A – “Solovey” 12 points
  2. Khayat – “Call for Love” 9 points
  3. Krutь – “99” 9 points
  4. Tvorchi – “Bonfire” 5 points
  5. David Axelrod – “Horizon” 5 points
  6. Jerry Heil – “Vegan” 2 points