Good news for Czech Republic: CT scan shows Mikolas Josef’s back is okay

The condition of Mikolas Josefs back is improving. Czech Republic’s official Eurovision channel released this news moments ago. They have not cancelled their rehearsal for tomorrow just yet.

According to the CT scans, the plates are not broken. This means that the doctors have given Mikolas a clearance to perform next week. He is currently still under a lot of painkillers, but the Czech delegation assumes that he will be able to rehearse tomorrow.

At the scheduled rehearsal for Czech Republic tomorrow afternoon, we will see if anything changes in his performance. The original performance included a backflip, but this went wrong during the first rehearsal. Following from this, Mikolas Josef was taken to a hospital. The delegation cancelled his press conference.

Top favorite

Before the start of rehearsals, Czech Republic was one of the favorites for victory. The bookmakers cooled down on their chances after the first rehearsal. They are currently around the 5th place, but who knows what might happen after Mikolas’ second rehearsal tomorrow.